but by itssel’ an’ in a class apairt

. Mrs Purdie’s Aipple Tart The bakin’ at oor village show’s the best ye’ve ivver seen. Fowk come frae far an’ near, frae ilka airt. But listen till I tell ye a’ aboot ma guid aul’ freen, An’ the tale o’ Mrs Purdie’s aipple tert. Pair Mrs Purdie took it as an unco fashious slightContinue reading “but by itssel’ an’ in a class apairt”

ricotta is not properly a cheese

. . I love ricotta. Especially when it comes straight from the dairy farm or your local cheese shop. Do try to get the fresh ricotta. It will present you with a flavor, the packaged supermarket kind can not even come close to. Combined with some fresh apricots, peaches, salted butter from the Normandy andContinue reading “ricotta is not properly a cheese”