A ‘Kipferl’ … it was …

. The Kipferl, ancestor of the croissant, has been documented in Austria going back at least as far as the 13th century, in various shapes. The Kipferl can be made plain or with nut or other fillings (some consider the rugelach a form of Kipferl). The “birth” of the croissant itself – that is, its adaptationContinue reading “A ‘Kipferl’ … it was …”

… is only a plateful of mince

. but – chilli con carne without any chilli is only a plateful of mince… These are the last two lines of “Bitcherel” by Eleanor Brown . . Chili con carne (chili with meat) or more commonly known as simply “chili” is a spicy stew containing chili peppers, meat, and tomatoes. Traditional versions are madeContinue reading “… is only a plateful of mince”

the little boy that santa claus forgot

. He’s the little boy that Santa Claus forgot, And goodness knows, he didn’t want a lot. He sent a note to Santa For some soldiers and a drum, It broke his little heart  When he found Santa hadn’t come. In the street he envies all those lucky boys, Then wanders home to last year’sContinue reading “the little boy that santa claus forgot”


CHEFTHOMAS   Chef, with over thirty years of experience, ranging from bakeries to first class restaurants in major hotels to banquets for Presidents, Sultans and Heads of States and other famous, infamous and not so famous people. I like to produce my goods using the freshest and best natural ingredients. This is to ensure thatContinue reading “ChefThomas”

The Morning After ….

The Morning After …. Maureen McGovern There’s got to be a morning after If we can hold on through the night We have a chance to find the sunshine Let’s keep on lookin’ for the light This is Michelle’s high-tech kitchen. Espresso Machine Philips Handmixer iPad Now this is where it gets interesting. iPad withContinue reading “The Morning After ….”

Planes, Trains & Automobiles

…. and Boats …. … and still dreaming of Paris.  The waters of the River Seine have always been the heart and soul of Paris. Paris has been invaded, occupied, and conquered by its share of foreigners over the course of two millennia, many of whom arrived by this waterway. On our boat ride up andContinue reading “Planes, Trains & Automobiles”

To Be Or Not To Be in Paris

It seems that Parisians have a capacity of being, which is so much different from other cities. Or it at least seems that way. Moving around the waterway in this city gives a glimpse of recreation we are not really prepared for. Sandy beaches, waterfront sunbathing, Sand, sun and the Seine Including obligatory sand castles.Continue reading “To Be Or Not To Be in Paris”