Down to earth Where we humans are

. Alle Jahre wieder kommt das Christuskind auf die Erde nieder, wo wir Menschen sind. Kehrt mit seinem Segen ein in jedes Haus, geht auf allen Wegen mit uns ein und aus. Steht auch mir zur Seite still und unerkannt, dass es treu mich leite an der lieben Hand. Sagt den Menschen allen, dass einContinue reading “Down to earth Where we humans are”

… zwei Gulden und sechsunddreißig Kreuzer …

. … Da nimm einen leeren Sack, denn du wirst was heimtragen. Da nimm meinen Stecken, denn es ist viel Schnee, und da nimm eine Laterne, denn der Pfad ist schlecht und die Stege sind vereist. Du mußt hinabgehen nach Langenwang … … Überall in den Häusern wurde gemetzgert, gebacken, gebraten, gekellert; ich beneidete die Leute nicht; ichContinue reading “… zwei Gulden und sechsunddreißig Kreuzer …”

He’s the little boy that Santa Claus forgot

. . This is a re-blog of a previous rant of mine. I just thought it appropriate since I was making Weihnachtsstollen just a couple of days ago. For me this is the beginning of the end of the year, and beginning of the festive season. .   He’s the little boy that Santa Claus forgot,Continue reading “He’s the little boy that Santa Claus forgot”

the crescent for christmas

. … it is Viennese, and that’s that ….  . There is nothing that says Christmas more than a this little crescent-shaped cookie called Vanillekipferl. It is the star of any and every household’s cooking repertoire. It is the pride of every self-respecting wife, mother, grandmother, and sometimes even husband, father, and I am notContinue reading “the crescent for christmas”

the little boy that santa claus forgot

. He’s the little boy that Santa Claus forgot, And goodness knows, he didn’t want a lot. He sent a note to Santa For some soldiers and a drum, It broke his little heart  When he found Santa hadn’t come. In the street he envies all those lucky boys, Then wanders home to last year’sContinue reading “the little boy that santa claus forgot”

some more pumpkin Charlie Brown ….

. Well …. , Thanksgiving is long gone, and Christmas is knocking on the door. I am not particularly fond of pumpkin pie, but a cake is a different story. Banana cake, zucchini cake (this will be the subject to a later blog), and pumpkin cake. It is quite interesting, if you apply heat toContinue reading “some more pumpkin Charlie Brown ….”

greetings in a jar

. Christmas cake is a type of fruitcake served at Christmas time in the UK, Ireland, Japan, Philippines and many Commonwealth countries. A Christmas cake may be light or dark, crumbly-moist to sticky-wet, spongy to heavy, leavened or unleavened, shaped round, square or oblong as whole cakes, fairy cakes, or petit fours, with marzipan, icing,Continue reading “greetings in a jar”

The Christkindl and the Punsch

. End November, beginning December is the time when the Christkindlmarkt (Christmas markets) open all over the city of Vienna. The history of Christmas markets goes back to the Late Middle Ages in the German speaking part of Europe. The Budyšin Christmas market was first being mentioned in records in 1384. (Budyšin is a hill-topContinue reading “The Christkindl and the Punsch”