the color of brandy

. Apricots by Larry D. Thomas A few blocks off the plaza, in the Santa Fe evening light the color of brandy, on the street below the branches of the tree, they glowed in rosy, yellow hues as if a god had ripped the sundown, rolled it into fuzzy, dimpled balls, and flung them toContinue reading “the color of brandy”

you say, “clafoutis…”

. Clafoutis by Beth Somerford I will whisk for my new love a creamy batter, sweet and rich, its almond tang an undertone that catches in my throat. Then I shall wait another night to lay the foaming blanket over reddish marbles rolling; over dark unpitted fruits. Once baked into a solid spume we’ll break itsContinue reading “you say, “clafoutis…””