Bread, silent word of a gesture of friendship

. Bread, which fundamentally unites men and for which they wage war .     The history of bread goes back at least 30,000 years. The first bread produced was probably cooked versions of a grain-paste, made from roasted and ground cereal grains and water, and may have been developed by accidental cooking or deliberate experimentationContinue reading “Bread, silent word of a gesture of friendship”

Bitter, sharp, packed so neat

  LEMONS By Samy Stein Bitter, sharp, packed so neat Whose for a lemon treat? Suck it slow, your mouth contorts Eat it quick, you might feel sick But add it little to a drink or whip it in some cream and sink your spoon into the lemon-goo I bet , like me, you likeContinue reading “Bitter, sharp, packed so neat”

Down to earth Where we humans are

. Alle Jahre wieder kommt das Christuskind auf die Erde nieder, wo wir Menschen sind. Kehrt mit seinem Segen ein in jedes Haus, geht auf allen Wegen mit uns ein und aus. Steht auch mir zur Seite still und unerkannt, dass es treu mich leite an der lieben Hand. Sagt den Menschen allen, dass einContinue reading “Down to earth Where we humans are”

… zwei Gulden und sechsunddreißig Kreuzer …

. … Da nimm einen leeren Sack, denn du wirst was heimtragen. Da nimm meinen Stecken, denn es ist viel Schnee, und da nimm eine Laterne, denn der Pfad ist schlecht und die Stege sind vereist. Du mußt hinabgehen nach Langenwang … … Überall in den Häusern wurde gemetzgert, gebacken, gebraten, gekellert; ich beneidete die Leute nicht; ichContinue reading “… zwei Gulden und sechsunddreißig Kreuzer …”

He’s the little boy that Santa Claus forgot

. . This is a re-blog of a previous rant of mine. I just thought it appropriate since I was making Weihnachtsstollen just a couple of days ago. For me this is the beginning of the end of the year, and beginning of the festive season. .   He’s the little boy that Santa Claus forgot,Continue reading “He’s the little boy that Santa Claus forgot”

it had to be …

. Opéra cake is a French type of cake. It is made with layers of almond sponge cake (known as Joconde in French) soaked in coffee syrup, layered with ganache and coffee buttercream, and covered in a chocolate glaze. According to Larousse Gastronomique “Opéra gateau is an elaborate almond sponge cake with a coffee andContinue reading “it had to be …”

… where the gods of fertility and creation …

. … the name of the village derives from the names of two gods, Aon,the God of Fertility and Abel, the God of Creation, thus Aon-Abel, which by the passing of centuries and the change of languages that the region experienced was corrupted into Ain-Ebel. …. others believe that the name of Ain-Ebel derives from two words, “Ain” and “Ibl”. TheContinue reading “… where the gods of fertility and creation …”

the more sense it makes

. “Cooking is not a particularly difficult art, and the more you cook and learn about cooking, the more sense it makes. But like any art it requires practice and experience. The most important ingredient you can bring to it is love of cooking for its own sake.” Julia Child, Mastering the Art of French Cooking .Continue reading “the more sense it makes”

associated with a goblin …

. Pumpernickel is a very heavy, slightly sweet rye bread traditionally made with coarsely ground rye. It is often made with a combination of rye flour and whole rye berries. At one time it was traditional peasant fare, but largely during the 20th century various forms have become popular items of delicatessen. A folk etymologyContinue reading “associated with a goblin …”