thou most fragrant, aromatic joy

. Ode To Coffee By William A. Pricé Oh, thou most fragrant, aromatic joy, impugned, abused, and often stormed against, And yet containing all the blissfulness that in a tiny cup could be condensed! Give thy contemners calm, imperial scorn— For thou wilt reign through ages yet unborn!   Some ancient Arab, so the legendContinue reading “thou most fragrant, aromatic joy”

ricotta is not properly a cheese

. . I love ricotta. Especially when it comes straight from the dairy farm or your local cheese shop. Do try to get the fresh ricotta. It will present you with a flavor, the packaged supermarket kind can not even come close to. Combined with some fresh apricots, peaches, salted butter from the Normandy andContinue reading “ricotta is not properly a cheese”

the color of brandy

. Apricots by Larry D. Thomas A few blocks off the plaza, in the Santa Fe evening light the color of brandy, on the street below the branches of the tree, they glowed in rosy, yellow hues as if a god had ripped the sundown, rolled it into fuzzy, dimpled balls, and flung them toContinue reading “the color of brandy”