…. the most famous of Vienna’s culinary specialties ….


Well, it is still raining since my last post. And it is set to go on for another day at least. The sun may come out for a minute or two, before big heavy drops are pounding the landscape again. The sound of thunder bounces off the mountains behind us … since four days. 

This is a good time for spending time in the kitchen.

Comfort food …. or rather comfort cake …, Sacher Torte …. the most famous of Vienna’s culinary specialties. This IS as close as it gets to the ULTIMATE CHOCOLATE CAKE …. for now. I will not bore you with another recipe. Plenty has been written about this rich, dense and ultimately royal chocolate cake. “Pomiane” has an excellent take on Sacher Torte, including a recipe that’s close to the real thing.

Terri, of Hunger Hunger, also has a take on the cake. She describes her research while in Vienna, and then actually preferring an Applestudel …. now can you believe THAT? But an excellent post never the less.

Now, there are just two sugestions I have, should you give the Sacher Torte a try … and you should give it a try …. :


NEVER refrigerate the cake. Chances are you will eat it within 24 hours, or maybe 48 hours. And any cake will survive this unrefrigerated. Just cover it with some sort of plastic film or keep it in a cake box. The cake will stay softer and does not change it’s texture, as it would in the fridge.


Use a ganache (is a glaze, icing, or filling for pastries made from chocolate and cream) to cover the cake. It is less sweet than the “Konserve Schokolade“, and you get more chocolate taste, provided you use a good bitter chocolate.

Now, you have everything you need to go for YOUR ultimate chocolate cake.


I’ll have a slice of my chocolate heaven now …




Published by ChefThomas

… born in Upper Austria’s Wels, I have done most of my growing up in Vienna. Only by sheer accident did I fall into the trade of Pâtissier. After a short apprentice ship at a Viennese Bakery, I was accepted for apprentice ship, at "K.u.K. Hofzuckerbäcker Demel’s Söhne", one of the oldest patisseries in Vienna. Learning the trade from the very basics, as the Emperor two Centuries ago would have expected from a "Pâtissier to the Royal and Imperial Court" (That is what the older Pâtissier still calls himself). I soon took to travel the world. From patisseries in America, to hotels in the Far East, Africa and the Middle East, did I accumulate a wealth of experience, ranging from bakeries to first class restaurants in major hotels to banquets for Presidents, Sultans and Heads of States and other famous, infamous and not so famous people. But the true excitement for me is in the "Viennese Café". Not just as an occupation, but as an institution in it own right.

3 thoughts on “…. the most famous of Vienna’s culinary specialties ….

  1. I made myself a Sachertorte for my birthday this year. I didn’t get the frosting (ganache?) quite thick enough so most of it drizzled off the cake, but it was still wonderful. I will keep these tips in mind for next time! (Of course, I made sure to visit the Sacher hotel when in Vienna).


  2. I figured there are plenty of recipes out there, and this post was more about emotions rather than passing on a recipe. I am planning a post on the Sacher Cake soon WITH the recipe ….


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