Paris Walkabout

It was raining again last night. Kept the air fresh I suppose. But we got out anyway. Just on the corner where we are staying in Rue Malar is the Chocolatier Michel Chaudun. Unfortunately closed for the summer.

Guess who this one is. I found this street-sign just a couple of blocks down the road.

It seems it is his fault, the French are smoking today … never gave it a thought before …

Anyway, the first highlight came at Le Pain Quotidien (25 Rue de Varenne, 75007 Paris,‎). The first croissant since we had arrived in Paris. 


Pretty, comfortable and rustic. Not exactly cheap though. Just the smell when the basket with the butter croissant and brioche arrived at the table … heavenly. And it is always interesting to watch people having their breakfast. It is not like lunch or dinner. We are different at breakfast. It is almost like we are still human before we get ready to start the day …

But on, 35 Rue de Vaugirard, 75006 Paris, has one of my heroes his boutique. it is Sadaharu AOKI, ( 

I love his design in pastry and packaging. This man gives every and any detail plenty of thought, and makes it art.

On 67 Rue Mouffetard 75005 Paris, we found this little gem. La Maison des Tartes.

It is as small as it looks. The tartes in the window looked appetizing and fresh.

It had just three tables inside and gives the feeling of sitting in somebody’s pantry.

Still on Rue Mouffetard, just a bit further down the road ….

… guessed it? …shoe-shop …. men waiting outside … it was the tree of us ….

Published by ChefThomas

… born in Upper Austria’s Wels, I have done most of my growing up in Vienna. Only by sheer accident did I fall into the trade of Pâtissier. After a short apprentice ship at a Viennese Bakery, I was accepted for apprentice ship, at "K.u.K. Hofzuckerbäcker Demel’s Söhne", one of the oldest patisseries in Vienna. Learning the trade from the very basics, as the Emperor two Centuries ago would have expected from a "Pâtissier to the Royal and Imperial Court" (That is what the older Pâtissier still calls himself). I soon took to travel the world. From patisseries in America, to hotels in the Far East, Africa and the Middle East, did I accumulate a wealth of experience, ranging from bakeries to first class restaurants in major hotels to banquets for Presidents, Sultans and Heads of States and other famous, infamous and not so famous people. But the true excitement for me is in the "Viennese Café". Not just as an occupation, but as an institution in it own right.

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